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Taipei final Film - 29th Summer Universiade 2017, Taipei, Chinese Taipei

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The 2017 Taipei Universiade was an important milestone for Taiwan in organizing international sporting competitions. It entailed a transformation of the city’s physical constitution, extending to the construction and rebuilding of competition venues, transportation shuttle services, cultural performances, volunteer participation, catering services, broadcast works, and many other interlocking initiatives. The Taipei City Government engaged in more than six years of preparation, with countless behind-the-scenes staff members working to ensure each and every link. As well, infinite enthusiasm poured forth from the people of Taiwan. Together, the successful accomplishment of what was originally perceived as an impossible undertaking was achieved. With the curtains lowered and the competition now a thing of the past, this documentary once more showcases the transformation of Taipei and the passionate enthusiasm of all the people of Taiwan to the whole world, through a camera lens.

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