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Protective equipment vs. Concussions in Sword Fighting – HEMA / Buhurt / Reenactment / SCA

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In this video we’ll discuss if and how proper gear can prevent concussions and head trauma in the sports of historical martial arts, reenactment, buhurt and SCA fighting. For this analysis I will use several scientific publications that you can find in the video description. In my last video about concussions, we talked specifically about posture and neck exercises and how they can prevent or at least lower the odds of brain damage. Today, we will have a closer look, at the gear we use, namely weapons and armor.

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00:00 Intro
00:40 Concussions
02:40 General findings & problems
04:31 Reducing the striking energy
05:32 Reducing the transferred energy
06:35 Storing energy temporary
08:10 Absorbing energy (converting)
08:50 Reducing resulting speed & acceleration
09:17 Summary

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