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Relaxing Music Therapy for Stress Relief, Anxiety, Worries, Depression


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Relax your body completely at 100% with an active mind. A simple exercise: relax your whole body gradually, starting with the feet. Concentrate first on the fingertips, imagine how they dissolve, as they fill the heat. Then, roughly in the following sequence: ankles, knees, genital area, navel, heart, hands, elbows, shoulders, neck, lips, nose, the point between the eyebrows, the tip of the head crown. Deep physical relaxation is achieved by a full body relaxation. Relaxing Music Therapy - the key to ensuring the state of trance. Relaxing Music Therapy for Stress Relief, Anxiety, Worries, Depressiona for state of trance. And when you are in a state of trance, your body is resting, anxiety and worry you leave. When you listen to Relaxing Music Therapy, the state of depression will be less active.

Relaxing Music Therapy for Stress Relief, Anxiety, Worries, Depression

On this channel you will find simple and effective techniques of meditation, a lot of music for meditation and relaxation. As well as the music for the concentration, music and sports training, music for the background and inspiration mantra. On our channel as well, you can have the music for sleep and hypnosis, meditation, attraction of love and meditation for women, meditation to attract money and success.

Make your meditation a daily ritual. Go beyond the body and mind, and you change your life.

Tell us about your meditation practice. Share with us your successes.
We look forward to your comments!
#relaxmusic, #meditationmusic, #musictherapy, #stressrelief, #anxiety, #worries, #depression
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